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Though technically not a Barony, Island City is a large settlement to the north and the origin of the Great Road. The remains of a great city were settled over the preceding thousand years by tribes from the Wastelands, those choosing to abandon their nomadic ways and settle permanently, building a vast metropolis to rival any in the Southern Baronies. This unfortunately led to repeated conflict with the Southern Baronies, battles primarily over resources, eventually leading to the Treaty Of Aldonis. This decreed that peace should be upheld above all things, forcing Island City to reduce its military might, and that free trade should be established between Island City and the Southern Baronies, a statement which led to the construction of the first Road Train.

Rumours of a military buildup within the walls of Island City have been dismissed as nothing more than rumour and hearsay by rival Baronies hoping to use the stories as a reason to post troops within Draxis’ borders.