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A fan of fiction in all its forms from an early age, my first short story was written at the age of eight, the dastardly tale of SuperTooth vs Dr D-K.  From then the tales swung between horror and sci-fi/fantasy before Benjamin Knight started whispering his tale to me at the age of eighteen.

Sadly life got in the way, as it tends to do, and the book was shelved for almost fifteen years.  The first four chapters sat idly on a floppy disc (anyone remember those??), moving with me from house to house, but Ben was always there at the back of my mind, reminding me that the danger was ever present and I needed to get his words down in print.

Jump forward to 2012 and I find myself jobless and struggling to fill my spare time.  Finding the disc and my copious notes in a box under the stairs, I sat down at the computer and returned to Bens world.

I hope you have as much fun there as I do!

Rob Jackson-Lawrence